Team Members Promoted

Four Urban Edge team members promoted

June 27th, 2024 Posted by All, News

We’re thrilled to share that four exceptional team members have received well-deserved promotions within our organisation. These advancements recognise their remarkable impact on our projects, clients and our culture.

Please join us in congratulating:

Thomas Baines, who has been promoted to Associate. Thomas joined us in 2023, bringing with him 15 years of experience as a senior architect, specialising in retail and commercial projects. He has taken charge of several of our initiatives, including the cutting-edge commercial vehicle accident repair center in Thurrock for Spectrum VR. Thomas is a passionate advocate for BIM and stands out for his meticulous Revit detailing and ability to seamlessly coordinate multidisciplinary team models.

Thomas said: “I’d like to express my gratitude to the Directors for my recent promotion to Associate. I am delighted to have been given this opportunity and I am excited to be able to contribute to the growth of Urban Edge. I’ve recently been spearheading the development of our protocols to ensure compliance with the Building Safety Act through the Building Regulations Principal Designer role and I’m looking forward to developing this role with our team and our clients. We have a diverse skill set in Stamford and combined with our new Nottingham office; it is an exciting time to be part of the Urban Edge team.”

Joanna Espin, who has been promoted to Associate. Joanna joined us in 2023, bringing with her over two decades of architectural expertise. She has collaborated with renowned architects and residential builders, contributing to projects across all RIBA work stages. Joanna’s extensive experience includes working with Listed buildings and creating unique bespoke homes. Currently, she leads our teams on several exciting retirement community projects for Inspired Villages.

“I sincerely appreciate this promotion and the confidence the Directors have shown in me by recognising my contributions to the business and the profession. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to grow and contribute further to our team’s success. I am grateful to our dedicated team and am committed to continuing to share my knowledge and provide career mentoring and support. Building strong working relationships is essential and I aim to pass on the positive influences I’ve encountered throughout my career while upholding the standards of professionalism, integrity, responsibility and the agency that we have in our privileged position as architectural professionals.”

Ricky Maynard, who has been promoted to Associate. Ricky joined us in 2024, bringing with him a robust architectural technology background. His discerning eye for top-notch design and meticulous detailing drives him to create innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients. Ricky has successfully contributed to diverse projects spanning the residential, commercial, healthcare and education sectors. He is currently overseeing the delivery of Widmore Park Retirement Community – an Inspired Villages development comprising 100 high-end apartments and seven cottages.

Ricky said: “I’d like to extend my gratitude to the Directors and my colleagues at Urban Edge for their unwavering support as I step into my new role as an Associate. I am eager to dive into my new responsibilities, fuelled by my own motivation and encouragement from our exceptional team. Looking ahead, I am excited about the future and committed to driving our collective success. Thank you to everyone – I truly appreciate this incredible team and its boundless potential.”

Imogen Joyce, who has been promoted to Graphic Designer. In 2023, Imogen joined us as a junior after graduating from Leeds Arts University, where she specialised in illustration and graphic design. As a multi-talented designer, she fearlessly tackles challenges and takes pride in consistently creating beautiful and impactful designs. Imogen works for our sister company, Urban Inprint, but also supports Urban Edge with planning applications, internal marketing and our social media which has seen remarkable growth under her stewardship.

Imogen said: “Since the day I joined Urban Edge it’s been a delight to work with the team and our clients on a multitude of projects. I’m so grateful to have been promoted to Graphic Designer and would like to thank the team and the Directors for supporting my growth and progression over the last 18 months. I’m super excited to be taking on this new role and continuing to provide a high quality of service to Urban Edge and our clients at Urban Inprint.”

We take immense pride in the accomplishments of these four team members. Their continued growth and success within our practice will undoubtedly contribute to exceptional results for our clients and drive our business forward. Join us in celebrating their well-deserved promotions!

Pictured from left to right: Joanna Espin, Ricky Maynard, Imogen Joyce, Thomas Baines.