Charlotte Hall Completes Part I

Student placement, Charlotte Hall completes her Part I studies at Loughborough University

June 18th, 2024 Posted by All, News

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Charlotte Hall, our 2023 student placement, who has completed her Part I at the University of Loughborough. Observing her apply the skills acquired at Urban Edge to excel and finalise her university projects has been truly rewarding. Below is a glimpse into her academic pursuits and her experiences during the concluding year:

How did you find your last year at university?

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my final year at Loughborough University as I have been able to lead my own interests and explore my passions regarding the future of our environment and what this means for architecture. I have discovered the value of blending the public realm with rigid infrastructure to eliminate boundaries between indoor and outdoor space for the well-being benefits of ourselves and also our climate. This is a topic I wish to explore even further during my Part II studies and I am excited to see where this takes me.”

What was your dissertation on? 

“My dissertation was titled: The contemporary city of the year 2100 – A study into the relationship between the built environment and public realm within our cities 100 years from now. The contemporary city is continuously evolving. With growing climate challenges and compounding technological developments, the future of the relationship between the built environment and the public realm could look significantly different in appearance from that of the present. My study found that the relationship between the built environment and the public realm in a contemporary city in the 2100s is likely to be a united one from undertaking a critical analysis of both architectural case studies as well as digital ones. Landscaping and infrastructure will become harmonious along all axes as the public realm becomes three-dimensional. This implies that architectural practices will change as the public realm will no longer be limited to a single plane as our streets rise alongside infrastructure development.”

Charlotte Hall Completes Part I

Can you tell us more about the arc effect and your studio project?

“Sure! It has been predicted by researchers that the environment will undergo a period of decay until the year 2100, when the World’s population will eventually stabilise at approximately 10 billion. The twenty-second century is known as the breakthrough period as the environment regains its chance to be restored as population factors are no longer pushing against it. However, there is great risk that by this time too little wildlife will remain to be restored. Therefore, I created a typology that protects species that are at risk of endangerment, set in Sheffield, which can then be gradually released back into the city in the twenty-second century once the breakthrough period is reached. The project will become a monument of hope, celebrating the reunition between the people, animals and plants as the ecosystems are opened back up to the city. The protected wildlife will disperse, rejuvenating city life as harmony is restored.”

We are thrilled to observe Charlotte’s remarkable development throughout this year, especially her commitment to a theme that contemplates the future of architecture as a means to safeguard our natural surroundings and future wildlife. We eagerly anticipate her contribution to our team in Nottingham when we welcome her back later in the year.