3 peaks challenge

Urban Edge take on the Three Peaks Challenge

May 28th, 2024 Posted by All, News

At Urban Edge, we are a team who love taking on new challenges and embracing every opportunity for adventure. What better way to embody this spirit than by embarking on the Three Peaks Challenge? On July 10th-11th, our brave team will undertake a 24 hour journey to summit the three tallest mountains in the UK: Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon. Let’s delve into what awaits our team this summer:

Ben Nevis: Scotland’s majestic peak
Our challenge begins in the rugged Scottish Highlands. After a 7 hour road trip, we’ll set foot on Ben Nevis, standing proudly at 1,345 metres. Its steep slopes and ever-changing weather will demand resilience and unwavering dedication from our team.

Scafell Pike: Breathtaking views across the nations
Next, we’ll tackle Scafell Pike, reaching an elevation of 978 metres. As we ascend, breathtaking views and landscapes will unfold, encompassing all four nations of the British Isles. The sense of achievement will be as awe-inspiring as the views.

Snowdon: A final test of endurance
Our ultimate challenge awaits on Snowdon, a 1,085 metre mountain. Here, our hard work and determination will shine. As fatigue sets in, our team will rally together, sharing words of encouragement and pushing through the final stretch as they accomplish all three peaks!

As the clock ticks down to July 10th, we’ve already begun lacing up our hiking boots and starting our training as we embark on the start of this incredible adventure. Stay tuned as we share our commitment to our Three Peaks Challenge via our social media channels. Follow us on this exhilarating journey as we aim to conquer the peaks!