Our people

Dreamers and doers, we’ve attracted a high-achieving team of bright sparks whose sole aim is to think creatively, smash problems, and deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.

  • Team Member - Abdul Shaikh
    Abdul Shaikh
    Architectural Assistant
    Abdul is overseeing our transition to BIM-based software
  • Team Member - Alana Fitchett
    Alana Fitchett
    Architectural Assistant
    Alana is returning for a second consecutive Summer placement
  • Team Member - Aleks Basta
    Aleks Basta
    Architectural Assistant
    Aleks is leading the delivery of the Mauldeth House project
  • Team Member - Alex Marcoulides
    Alex Marcoulides
    Alex plays a key role in concept design at Urban Edge
  • Team Member - Andrew Saunders
    Andrew Saunders
    Andrew brings vast project delivery knowhow to the practice
  • Team Member - Anthony Mackin
    Anthony Mackin
    Technical Design Manager
    Anthony ensures our projects are technically deliverable
  • Team Member - Arjun Kavia-Rathod
    Arjun Kavia-Rathod
    Architectural Technologist
    Arjun gained 'on-the-ground' experience as a Site Manager
  • Team Member - Astha Basnet
    Astha Basnet
    Architectural Assistant
    Astha is enjoying developing her technical drawings skills
  • Team Member - Chai Chavan
    Chai Chavan
    Architectural Assistant
    Chai plays an integral role in several of our major projects
  • Team Member - Craig Neal
    Craig Neal
    Architectural Assistant
    Craig rejoined the team after completing his Part II studies
  • Team Member - Darcy Cool
    Darcy Cool
    Architectural Assistant
    Darcy is familiar with current green building principles
  • Team Member - Darren Hodgson
    Darren Hodgson
    Darren skills cover concept design right through to delivery
  • Team Member - Dave Frost
    Dave Frost
    Dave specialises in design development through 3D modelling
  • Team Member - Gary Howson
    Gary Howson
    Architectural Technologist
    Gary is a vital member of our project delivery team
  • Team Member - Granger Stanley
    Granger Stanley
    Architectural Technician
    Granger is currently with Urban Edge on a year-out placement
  • Team Member - Ian Townsend
    Ian Townsend
    Ian has delivered a number of prestigious retail projects
  • Team Member - Joe Steele
    Joe Steele
    Architectural Assistant
    Joe has worked on award-winning dementia care homes
  • Team Member - Josh Rowley
    Josh Rowley
    Josh’s spot-on attention to detail guarantees efficiency
  • Team Member - Julie Gay
    Julie Gay
    Julie has a very strong background in sales and marketing
  • Team Member - Kirstie Ross
    Kirstie Ross
    Practice Manager
    Kirstie has 25 years’ experience in Administration and HR
  • Team Member - Morgan Crowley
    Morgan Crowley
    Architectural Assistant
    Morgan is eager to explore new directions in the care sector
  • Team Member - Paul Nicholl
    Paul Nicholl
    Architectural Assistant
    Paul is equally at home with both design and delivery
  • Team Member - Paul Whitbread
    Paul Whitbread
    Graphic Designer
    Paul has extensive experience in the world of Graphic Design
  • Team Member - Paulina Blasiak
    Paulina Blasiak
    Paulina is responsible for heading up our new Landscape team
  • Team Member - Richard Phillips
    Richard Phillips
    Architectural Technician
    Richard boasts 25 years multi-sector delivery experience
  • Team Member - Robert Major
    Robert Major
    Architectural Assistant
    Rob joins us permanently following his Summer placement
  • Team Member - Russell Gay
    Russell Gay
    Russell has a great reputation for delivering viable schemes
  • Team Member - Sarah Steinberg
    Sarah Steinberg
    Architectural Assistant
    Sarah is highly skilled in both concept and technical design
  • Team Member - Sonia Parol
    Sonia Parol
    Sonia is passionate about advancing the senior living sector
  • Team Member - Steve Cope
    Steve Cope
    Architectural Technician
    Steve has vast detail design knowledge gained over 40 years
  • Team Member - Stuart Hill
    Stuart Hill
    Graphic Designer
    Stu is a hugely talented graphic designer and illustrator
  • Team Member - Timothy Crone
    Timothy Crone
    Tim is a well-rounded Architect with a keen eye for detail
  • Team Member - Tom McNamara
    Tom McNamara
    Tom prides himself on giving his clients a top-tier service
  • Team Member - Vanessa Jimenez
    Vanessa Jimenez
    Architectural Assistant
    Vanessa has strong experience working with Listed Buildings
  • Team Member - Wioleta Bychawska
    Wioleta Bychawska
    Architectural Assistant
    Wioleta has fantastic conceptual and detailed design skills
  • Team Member - Yexin Xiong
    Yexin Xiong
    Architectural Assistant
    Yexin is exceptionally skilled in 3D modelling and rendering

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