Lydia Coupe - Profile

Lydia Coupe

HR and Office Administrator

  01780 755665

Lydia joined us back in June 2021 as our Office Administrator, since then she has progressed to take responsibility for all employee facing HR. Whilst she continues to have some office administration duties, supported by our new Office Administrator, Melanie, her main focus is looking after all things HR. Lydia spent most of her career working for an insurance group based in Peterborough but held a range of positions there and brings with her experience from HR, IT, project support and as a personal assistant.

Relatively new to the world of architecture, she is slowly but surely getting to the grips with all of the acronyms and terminology we use. Lydia joined us when we were going through our office refurbishment, which meant she saw the full office transformation and was part of the team welcoming colleagues back into the office.

Lydia is Stamford born and bred, which proves handy for any team members that don’t know the area so well. She continues to live in Stamford with her husband and their teenage son and daughter as well as an ageing but full of beans Hungarian Vizsla.  Horses have been part of her family since before she was born and she now owns one half of a miniature horse duo with one of her siblings. Lydia is a keen baker although she has definitely been lacking in bringing in any sweet treats to the office, room for improvement there for sure!