Jack Railton - Profile

Jack Railton

Architectural Technologist

CertHE Architecture ACIAT

  01780 755665

Jack Railton has three years of prior experience working on residential projects in the UK, ranging from small contemporary extensions to large residential schemes. As the Project Lead, he was responsible for overseeing the design, planning and execution of various architectural projects ensuring that they met the client’s needs and expectations.

Jack is an ACIAT member and is currently working on becoming a Chartered member within the institution. He values the professional development and recognition that the ACIAT offers and strives to uphold the highest standards of architectural practice and ethics in his work.

His passion within architecture is overcoming obstacles to create better design solutions for our clients. He enjoys the challenge of finding innovative and creative ways to solve complex problems and believes that this often results in a better design both aesthetically and functionally. He favours a contemporary/minimalistic style of architecture, which he tries to implement within his designs, while also respecting the context and character of the site and the surroundings.

Aside from architecture, Jack is also a big sports enthusiast, particularly golf and badminton. He loves to compete in various tournaments and events across the UK and finds that sports help him to relax and stay fit. At the weekends, Jack’s dog likes to take him out for a walk and enjoy the countryside.