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Creative landscape design

Landscape design forms part of our unique offer. This discipline reinforces our architectural services and provides our clients with a package that is hard to match. Good landscape design not only boosts the value of a site but also helps satisfy the ‘context critical’ requirements for planning submissions. The logistical and economic benefits of having both architectural and landscape designers collaborating under one roof are numerous. The conversation and exchange of information are constant and consistent, facilitating more cohesive design development.

‘We recognise that external spaces are just as important as the internal spaces we design. We believe landscape input from the outset of a new project results in more successful, fully rounded and considered schemes’

Nikoletta Dudas | Landscape Assistant

Key benefits

  Effective landscape design boosts the value of the site and improves the overall consumer experience

  Early adoption of landscape principles helps inform and enhance the architecture of the proposed design

  Fully considered proposals have a better chance of gaining planning approval and ultimately being built

  Our in-house landscape facility saves time and streamlines the design development process

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1 week ago
Natasha Boulder and her partners have created a carbon neutral block made from waste plastic to replace the standard concrete building blocks that could drastically reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint. #reducewaste #carbonneutral
2 weeks ago
We've recently started on site at #Enfield redeveloping a former @ToysRUs unit on behalf of another leading UK retailer. Special thanks to Faircloth Construction and our client, USS #retail #architecture
2 weeks ago
We'd like to wish Her Majesty The Queen a happy 95th birthday. We are grateful for her selfless service to our country and hope she feels the love and appreciation for her on this special day. #QueensBirthday