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McDonald’s, Bodmin Retail Park

Orchard Street Investment Management

A striking McDonald’s drive-through unit featuring a contemporary mix of materials

The project involved the design and construction of a brand-new 3,750 sq.ft McDonald’s restaurant located within Bodmin Retail Park. The restaurant is strategically positioned on a small parcel of land within the existing car park. The primary goal was to optimise the drive-through lane’s queuing length while minimising any adverse effects on the rest of the parking area. Architecturally, the elevational treatment prioritises glazing, incorporating large windows to create a welcoming and transparent façade. Additionally, the design features a mix of materials: natural stone, timber-style elements and dark grey cladding. These choices not only pay homage to the existing retail terrace but also infuse the restaurant with a contemporary aesthetic.

3,750 sq.ft

Food and beverage accommodation

70 (approx)

Parking spaces


Development budget