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Caledonia Park, Gretna

RPMI Railpen

A stylish re-development of an outlet village on the Scottish border

The proposals comprise the refurbishment of the existing units and also propose to redevelop and increase the offering within the outlet village in the form of additional anchor retail units, restaurants and cafés. The proposed new build area will be circa 1,130 sq.m GIA provided within six new/modified units.

Replacing and regenerating the elevations of existing units provides the opportunity to enhance the overall design quality as part of a series of phased improvements to the outlet village. The proposal aims to utilise the elevational treatment to enhance the legibility of the scheme, defining each unit with a pronounced entrance while retaining a consistent architectural language across the proposed development. The existing canopies are also replaced with new metal framed canopies incorporating signage areas. Proposed high level windows add to the richness and variation of the differing façades. The proposed units will introduce a contemporary aesthetic and new architectural language to the outlet village whilst sympathetically acknowledging the materiality of its context.

The new retail proposal comprises a series of units which provide a continuation and extension to the existing terraces. The new buildings follow the same scale of the adjacent units or the units they are replacing. The architecture is informed by using the same language and maintains similar distances between units. Rather than be faced with the rear service yards of the units upon arrival, a series of gable ends to the new units now address the car park as well as the squares these individual units are facing onto. The new restaurant and café units will be located in the south eastern part of the site and are more contemporary in their design. A series of glazed gable ends, no higher than any of the existing ridgelines of the surrounding existing units, create a strong visual presence announcing the newly upgraded food and beverage area. The location of the units breaks down the vast expanse of the previous square to a more pedestrian friendly and human scaled space.

Additionally, the existing public realm will be enhanced by the introduction of new paving, planting and seating emphasising the street patterns and facilitating easy navigation and wayfinding. Pedestrian circulation between units has been simplified by removing where possible or rearranging steps and railings which currently hinder access and visibility to both sides of the retail street.

Images courtesy of Chris Humphreys Photography.

900m +

Refurbished façades

70,000 sq.ft

Extent of public realm


Development budget