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Warehouse, East Anglia

Urban Edge Architecture

Our warehouse combines modern industrial requirements with exciting architecture

The primary design theory of the warehouse, as with any very large building, was to break down the mass both vertically and horizontally. As well as provide a strong, clear honesty to the building’s use, this also complements and enhances the local environment in which the building is situated.

The elevations are broken down by the use of a series of variations of cladding colours. These are then broken down further by the use of irregular bands of colour, which playfully divide the vast length of the elevation into smaller sections.

The warehouse pedestrian/office entrance is celebrated by an asymmetric roof form which punctuates the parapet line of the main mass of the building, creating a clear statement of the entrance location. Again, the use of colour here further assists in identifying the entrance location and sets this area of the building apart from the more functional warehouse element.

250,000 sq.ft

Warehouse accommodation

120 (approx)

Parking spaces


Development budget