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Retail World, Gateshead

Ares Management Limited

Refurbishment of tired façade with tenant reshuffle to maximise retailer opportunities

Works involved re-shuffling tenants of the eastern terrace at Retail World, Gateshead. To better suit the tenant’s trading needs, some units were downsized (Halfords and TUI) and other units upsized (Wren) in a 12 month reorganisation. Façades were upgraded, coinciding with each tenant’s relocation, to reflect the appearance of the south and west terraces.

The Mothercare unit was the last to be renovated, and received a statement feature design to ‘bookend’ the terrace. It is hoped the opposite unit, to the north east of the park, will receive similar treatment to further reinforce the park’s new image.

390,000 sq.ft

Retail accommodation

1,300 (approx)

Parking spaces


Development budget